06 27 2020 Blog #159: GoFundMe Campaigns raised for bullshit!

Yet, people INTENTIONALLY IGNORE & avoid people who are TRULY struggling out here!



So, they applaud him for obeying the Satanic Illuminati NWO agenda, with this fake forced mask-wearing bullshit!

06 23 2020 Blog #157: More Gang Stalking Lying YouTube Bullies

They know NOTHING about me, & keep lying on me!

Liars & false accusers! Any training I would get for a vocation, you bastards would lie & say I never took such a course, anyway! The SAME Narcissistic Abusers who are KEEPING me from TRYING to work or take up more schooling! You want me force medicated & sleep deprived, yet you condemn me for not being functional & normal! All of you bastards have hell waiting for you! Besides, nearly ALL jobs & employment serve the Satanic Illuminati NWO agenda. That’s why they don’t want folks running their own businesses.

& this troll here trying to impersonate my twin sister!

SMFH! The NERVE! Telling people who are defending me, to mind their own business.

06 21 2020 Blog #155: Aaliyah & R. Kelly’s ugly daughter found my YouTube video & my Instagram page

Remember this?

& this?




Angel Nicole Kelly Haughton tried to get gangsta & ghetto on me yesterday on Instagram, via direct message. I didn’t see until today. That gangsta mentality, she must’ve gotten that from sicko R. Kelly. Aaliyah would’ve NEVER gotten like that!

This is her current Instagram.


She’s like 12 years YOUNGER THAN ME, trying to HANDLE up on me! I don’t care if you’re the child of 2 celebrities! She denies that she’s the secret love child of Aaliyah & R. Kelly. If you’re not Aaliyah’s daughter, then why do you have so many pictures of her, & why is she THE FIRST person you follow on Instagram? Is Buku Abi, Joanne Kelly your 1/2 sister? Why are you following her on Instagram, then? You need to come out & tell the truth, rather than just giving people hints, hiding in plain sight! Why does Rashad block people for asking about you? You gaslight & call people crazy, & then have people gang stalked for exposing the truth.

The pic with her hair dyed red, she looks JUST like Lolita Price! 😂😂😂😂

Somebody said that she’s a hardcore Satan worshipper, so that’s why didn’t respond to her Instagram. She’s supposed to be that beautiful little baby in Aaliyah’s “Hot Like Fire” video.





06 21 2020 Blog #154: Other Targeted Individuals can ask for donations, but I can’t.

I get thumbs down every time I post my CashApp or PayPal on my YouTube videos, but other #TargetedIndividuals don’t get that same treatment/or abuse. Do other Targeted Individuals have more rights than I do? People thumbs down every video I make, as well. They don’t do that to other Targeted Individuals.

06 21 2020 Blog #153: I have another troll harasser named Karen Shaw

More slander & lies. No WONDER no one is trying to help me! S, a perp stealing $102.60 from the money someone gave me means that it’s ME wasting money?

Alex, what happened? Liar! See? When I ignore his propositions, the attacks get worse! What happened to this, Alex? This is like, high school bullying NEVER left me!

06 20 2020 Blog #152: Gang Stalker Alex Dupre’ must want my soul. He’s an admitted gay Freemason!



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